Decor Products


Woodoc Stain Concentrate

Woodoc Stain Concentrates are suitable for use in both Interior and Exterior Clear Woodoc Stains (e.g. W5, 10, 30). They contain transparent iron oxides which absorb ultra-violet rays when added to Exterior Woodoc Sealers. Woodoc Stain Concentrates are transparent, showing the wood's natural grain through the surface coating and giving it an uncommon warmth and beauty.

Woodoc Stain Concentrates are available in eight natural wood colours.

Woodoc decor products allow you to alter the colour of the Woodoc finish with natural and fashion colours to give the desirable shade to the wood.

Woodoc Gel Stain

Apply Woodoc Gel Stain directly to wood with a sponge - it spreads easily and evenly while enriching and enhancing the colour and appearance of the wood. The intensity of colour is easier to control than with conventional stains.

Woodoc Colours

Woodoc Colours, available in a range of 20 fashion colours, are suitable for use in both interior and exterior Clear Woodoc Stains (e.g. W5, 10, 30). They are translucent and allow the grain of the wood to be seen. The combination of the natural good looks of the wood and colour provides a new dimension in home decorating.

Tools by Mauby4Wood, handles treated with Woodoc Gel Stain and Sealer.