Exterior Products


Woodoc Deck Dressing

A smooth velvet finish. Suitable for general applications such as tables, chairs and countertops. The finish can be adjusted to be matt, velvet or gloss. Woodoc 10 is the most popular of our indoor range.

Sunshine or rain Woodoc Exterior treatments take it all in their stride. Woodoc Exterior products are designed to deep penetrate the surface of the wood, bonding with and nourishing it. They provide an attractive and protective barrier against UV-damage and moisture penetration.

Woodoc 30 - Exterior Wood Stain

A low-gloss application for general outdoor applications including garden furniture, windows and doors. The original exterior product in the range Woodoc 30 offers excellent UV- and moisture protection.

Woodoc Tile and Cement Sealer

A water-based tile and cement sealer, suitable for unglazed porous substrates.  It gives a clear, gloss finish which enhances the beauty of natural tiles, stone, brick and ornamental pavers.