The House of Woodoc are the market leaders in their field and one of the only manufacturers and marketers concentrating solely on transparent wood protection and maintenance products.

The factory is situated in South Africa, where the products have become renowned for ease of use and exceptional quality.

Welcome to Woodoc UK

Woodoc Products

All Woodoc Products are formulated to protect and nourish wood besides forming a tough decorative finish.

They deep penetrate the surface and bond with the wood, "living" with it giving the longest possible life and surface protection.

Woodoc Maintenance Waxes are available for Indoor or Exterior application, feeding the wood as they clean and refurbish the surface coating.

Woodoc Antique Wax is a blend of fine waxes for a deep-rubbed patina finish.

Woodoc Wood Reviver works to revive old weathered wood, restoring its natural beauty.

Distribution in the UK

Woodoc is distributed in the UK through Woodoc UK. We carry stocks of Woodoc products and provide full Sales and After Sales Service.

For details and customer support please contact or telephone +44 (0)1223 65-5686.

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