Interior Products


Woodoc 10 - Interior Wood Stain (Velvet)

A smooth velvet finish. Suitable for general applications such as tables, chairs and countertops. The finish can be adjusted to be matt, velvet or gloss. Woodoc 10 is the most popular of our indoor range.

Originally formulated by a craftsman for craftsmen, Woodoc Interior Stains are made to care for even the most exquisite woods. The deep penetrating action brings out the beauty of the grain, while the surface finish protects the wood. Whether Matt, Velvet or Gloss, Woodoc Indoor Stains are: Heat and cold resistant - Water and alcohol resistant - Scratch and mark resistant - Long lasting, taking daily wear and tear in their stride.

Woodoc 5 - Interior Wood Stain (Matt)

A traditional natural finish suitable for hardwood furniture and woods where an “oiled” look is required.

Woodoc 25W - Water-borne Floor Sealer

Suitable for application to all indoor wooden floors and stairs. Woodoc 25W creates a clear or white glossy or matt finish. It is a remarkably tough, wear- resistant floor sealer and lends a characteristic deep polished/natural matt look to floors. Comes pre-mixed in:

  1. Clear Gloss

  2. Clear Matt

  3. White Gloss

  4. White Matt

Woodoc indoor products have been enthusiastically welcomed by craftspeople across Europe and have been favourably reviewed (Woodoc Review.pdf) in Woodturning Magazine (July 2011) by GMC Publications.